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HR Analytics, Benchmarking & Transformation

To be a great HR organization, you must be able to connect workforce outcomes to business outcomes.

Why Is This Important?

The purpose of analytics is to improve decisions. When those decisions affect how well the business will perform, then the organization stands to increase its business value and its competitive advantage. As a Human Resources leader, it is your responsibility to make decisions that increase the value of HR to your organization and improve its competitive advantage. Analytics is a requirement for your path forward!

Read any industry report or blog post on current HR trends and technologies, and you are bound to see workforce analytics near the top. Analysts and commentators agree: workforce analytics has become a “must have” tool for HR and a key component of delivering business value. How do you get started with this seemingly complex topic?

Begin by asking questions:

  • What are the company’s strategic imperatives, and what is HR doing to directly enable them?
  • What is the mindset of your workforce, and  to what extent are they inspired to be at their best?
  • How many HR people are needed to achieve your business objectives, and what skills must they possess to be successful?
  • At what rate are people choosing to leave, and what are the underlying reasons?
  • What is the overall cost to hire, retain, and develop people, and are you getting a measureable return on those investments?
  • Is the total cost of the workforce increasing quickly or slowly, and  how does that compare to your competitors?
  • How well are avoidable costs, such as absences or labor relations issues, being controlled, and what are the best practices to control them?
  • What are line management’s expectations of HR as a business partner, and  is HR structured and staffed to deliver on those expectations?

The answers to these, and many more questions, will enable the Analytics, Benchmarking, and Transformation of HR into an organization that significantly increases your business value and competitive advantage!

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Workforce analytics has become an essential HR capability. The demand from your business for timely and effective answers to the core and strategic workforce questions is continually increasing. Daunting as this may seem, a new analytics innovation has made it possible for HR to deliver insightful answers to business questions far more quickly, cost effectively, and accurately than ever before-NOESIS-accelerates HR on its journey toward a strategic role in your organization.


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